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Restructuring for survival

  • Is your business weighed down by debt?
  • Would you like more time to repay your creditors?
  • Can you trade profitably if you had more time to pay your debts?

Sometimes a business can suffer an unforeseen setback. This could include losses through bad debts, fraud or failure to cut costs because of contractual obligations. This could include situations like having leases for shops or warehouses that are no longer required or having more staff than the operations of the company can support.

No matter what the setback suffered, if the business is fundamentally viable and can return to profitability, we can assist you to restructure it through a procedure called a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

This process allows you to make the necessary costs cuts by for instance making redundancies or surrendering leasehold properties. We work with you to plan the level of restructuring that is necessary and prepare a cash flow to see how long you would need to repay creditors the amounts owed to them. The time period for paying back debts owed can be as short as 6 months or if necessary, as long as 5 years.

In most instances where we implement a Company Voluntary Arrangement, to ensure that the company survives we would negotiate with all creditors to see if at least 50% of the debt due can be written off. We would ensure that the terms of the restructuring done under a Company Voluntary Arrangement are fair to the Company and also that creditors get a better return on the debt due to them than they would get if the company was put into liquidation.

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