Johnson Varughese

Johnson Varughese and has over 15 years corporate advisory experience.

Johnson Varughese started his career as an accountant in FMCG, electronics, and retail industry in the Middle-East.  He has experience of sourcing products from the Far East and Europe and exporting to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Johnson joined Re10 in 2004 and has since obtained significant experience in all aspects of corporate insolvency in the UK.  Johnson works closely with accountants and solicitors to deliver solutions to the various stakeholders that they represent.  He has also recently dealt with several off shore liquidations in Guernsey and Isle of Man and a winding up by court in Scotland.

He has extensive practical experience in the following industries:

  • Property, Real Estate and construction
  • Care Homes
  • Restaurants, Bars & Caffe
  • Retail and Off-Licenses
  • Professional Service Practices
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Information Technology
  • Travel Agents
  • Education
  • Renewable energy
  • Manufacturing

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tel: 0207 355 6161

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58 Hugh Street