Advisory Services

We specialise in offering a whole host of advisory services to owner managed businesses including:

  • company disposals
  • corporate acquisitions
  • management buy-outs

We focus on building long-term client relationships and doing what is best for our client. Whether you are considering the sale of your company, the acquisition of a competitor or contemplating a management buyout, we can make it happen.

Whatever the transaction, we are committed to providing our clients with proactive advice and hands on support so that their transactions can be completed efficiently.

Business plans

We work together with our clients to develop a statement of their business objectives and its planned evolution through to the preparation of a professionally prepared business plan.

Financial projections

The financial projections prepared are tailored, realistic, meaningful and designed to be flexible to enable our clients to model various scenarios.

Commercial analysis

We place our analysis of our clients’ businesses within the context of the many other industries that we are familiar with. In applying our corporate finance and restructuring based investigation skills, we provide a wide-ranging analysis of strengths and weaknesses in a no nonsense and relevant manner.


The restructuring of a business or group of businesses involves financial, organisational, strategic and tax based considerations. We advise on each of these different elements of the restructuring process, utilising our corporate finance and restructuring expertise.

Company disposals

If you are considering disposal perhaps to streamline your operations, plan your retirement, or the sale of a non-core subsidiary or have other reasons for wishing to sell, our services will help you assess your options and achieve best value.

The key to a successful business sale is to properly plan your exit rather than, for example, if you wait until retirement and then think about selling. If you are not ready to sell yet but would like some advice about exit planning, we can help you explore the options available and recommend the best strategy for your needs.

A disposal can be a demanding time for those involved and it is important that your advisers shoulder the burden so that you can continue with running your business.

Our service

Our service typically involves, but can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Advising on the exit strategy to maximise your chances of receiving best value
  • We will prepare a Sale Information Memorandum for potential purchasers to provide them with a good understanding of the business
  • We will carry also carry out a detailed research for potential purchasers, who we will then approach on your behalf
  • We will encourage offers, negotiate with potential purchasers, advise you on the selection of a preferred purchaser and agree the heads of terms
  • The preferred purchaser will be invited to complete the deal within an agreed exclusivity period

As a general service, we will project manage the transaction so as to achieve the time frames agreed.

Vendor-initiated buyouts

The reduced availability of bank funding has caused many vendors to question the exit options available to them. Where it is most appropriate for vendors to exit via a sale to a management team, you may wish to consider a “vendor initiated” buyout or a Vendor Initiated Management Buy-Out (“VIMBO”).  This enables vendors to control the deal to a greater extent and can bridge the gap between the vendors’ exit requirements and funding availability, and can be used to facilitate a full or partial exit of a business.

Corporate acquisitions

A corporate acquisition can allow you to achieve growth in the scale of your existing operations or secure a foothold in a complimentary sector. Often operational and financial synergies can be realised.

Sometimes finding the right acquisition is not as easy as reviewing a list of businesses for sale.  Our service is designed for clients serious about making strategic acquisitions through a properly planned and executed acquisition process.

Our service

We are often involved from the very outset of the search for targets. Our service typically involves providing you with practical advice at every stage of the acquisition process:

  • Defining your criteria and rationale to produce a shortlist of potential targets.
  • Making the initial approach and making the initial offer.
  • Negotiating the price and structure of the transaction.
  • Where appropriate, develop the business plan and financial forecasts for raising the necessary funds

As a general service we will project manage the transaction so as to achieve the timeframes agreed.

Our role is ensuring the acquisition is completed quickly and efficiently reducing the extent to which you need to be involved in the day-to-day acquisition process, which can be lengthy and time consuming.  Our involvement will allow you to concentrate on running your business.

Management buy outs

A Management Buy Out (“MBO”) can be a great opportunity for management teams to generate substantial personal wealth and take control of their own destiny. For vendors, the management buyout can sometimes represent the most viable exit route.

Accordingly, support is also provided to individuals and management teams to assist with MBO and Management Buy-In’s (MBI) assignments as these are complex transactions that require a high level of technical expertise and can be time-consuming as there are many factors that need considering including finance raising, timing, financial structures, tax planning

Although exciting and with lots of potential, the transactions can also be full of risk for the MBO/MBI team. Our team will help you realise the deal on your terms and support you in the early months and years to address the many financial pressures that arise.

Our team helps manage the process and advises you on:

  • the initial feasibility assessment of a potential transaction to assess whether it is in your best interests and attractive from the vendor’s perspective whilst also being attractive to potential funders.
  • tactics for approaching and negotiating terms with the vendor – a crucial stage to make sure you are taken seriously.
  • develop the business plan and financial forecasts for raising the necessary funds.
  • Leading discussions and negotiations with potential funders so that an appropriate funding offer is selected.

As a general service we will project manage the transaction so as to achieve the timeframes agreed.


Gary Rupping – Head of Advisory Services

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